two acorns

I feel autumn in the air and I’m happy. I like that cooling air, after a hot summer. I love the smell of rotting leaves and Halloween. When I wearing a jacket and scarf and pair of warm boots I finally feels in right place.


Have you ever tried truffles? I heard that they cost a lot. You can buy them only on auctions, they have their own market, trading, like on “wall street”. Pity that store was closed. I would certainly smell them.


it was a lazy, sunny Sunday afternoon in September in a little wooden house. dog wanted a hug and we did not want to get out of bed – here is the effect.


I am fascinated by this street art – murals and imagination of their creators. At such moments I wonder if in my soul is some talent or it’s just the sensitivity for the product of other’s person imagination. Collage made ​​of pictures of other people’s … Continue reading murals